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  Links seem to go to wrong page

   The graphics are slow to load and interfere with my timing

  The test runs quicker once I've been through them the first time on one computer but not on others...

  The report seems to lose some of my scores


Links seem to go to wrong page
Your browser needs to be set so that it looks for new versions of the page.  In Internet Explorer go to  Tools -> Internet Options -> General -> Temporary Internet Files -> Settings -> click on 'Automatically'.  This should work.  If you still have the same problem, then choose the Every time you start Internet Explorer (this might make the pages load slower though ...)



Graphics are slow to load
You need to load graphics into computer memory first.  The graphics (especially bigger ones) need to load into the computers memory (cache).  So - run through the tests first without enrolling or timing.  The second run will be the real timings - so enroll and do the test only after running through the tests once.

Important information about loading times:  Loading time will differ on each machine.  It is a good idea to run through the tests once first, without enrolling, to familiarize yourself with the tests and to practice.  The other important function of running the tests before timing is that all the images will load faster the second time round, so you will get a more accurate record of speed and not a record of how long the images took to load.  The second timing is the most accurate.  Enrolling is specifically for the purpose of timing and the report.


Test runs quicker on some computers
The browser settings need to be set to hold pages and graphics in memory so that each time you use the computer it has the graphics and pages already saved on the computer.  (Remember - no scoring is kept - only the pages of the web site).
To fix these settings:
1.   In Internet Explorer go to  Tools -> Internet Options -> General -> Temporary Internet Files -> Settings -> Temporary Internet Files folder ->  make sure this is set to over 100MB   
2.   In Internet Explorer go to  Tools -> Internet Options -> General -> History -> Days to keep pages in (set this to the number of days you want to keep the information.  If you only do the mouse training once a week, then this setting should be more than 7 days.)    

(you may need to ask your network administrator or computer guru (?) what the best settings would be depending on the size of the hard drive and the amount of space free on the hard drive of the specific computer.  These settings have nothing to do with the web site - they are computer specific.)


Report losing scores

At the moment, the report only holds the scores from one test per module (i.e. one score for big squares, one score for medium squares etc.).  If we have enough people using these mouse pages, we will upgrade the report to save all test scores for each test session and every time the test is done, per user. This report could be kept on the local computer or saved / printed.

So - currently, you need to enroll, run through the tests once, then print and/or save the report.  You should then enroll again to get a new report for additional tests done.  Once you close the browser window, the scores are lost.  This web site doesn't save any user information.



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